About Me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Joanne Stefanacci. This is a picture of me trying to look quirky and artsy - do you think it's working? I am a professional designer from New York City. I received my BFA from NY Institute of Technology on Long Island and I've worked in the area my entire life. I have experience in many design specialties including retail interior design, graphics and marketing, packaging and product development. I have done photo styling and exhibit design as well as illustration for surface design. My passions are varied but basically I am all about the visual world, be it man-made or natural, commercial or historical, interior or exterior, 2-d or 3-d, artistic, crafty or utilitarian. I have found so much inspiration in the world of design bloggers! Their beautiful worlds have re-energized me and my art. A Good Life Well Lived began as an exercise to see what this blogging was all about and how it differed from more conventional web endeavors. Over time I have played with it as a visual collection of my life (personal and professional), as a diary, as a place to vent. I am in the process of changing again, as my life is changing. Hope you all hang with me - or at least check back in now and then.