Sunday, April 10, 2011

New York City, April 2011

I decided to be a tourist Saturday...with a bus ride into Manhattan. I admit I have something of a love-hate relationship with "the City" as we call it. So many of us in this Metropolitan area do for there is so much to love - and to hate - about it. So we choose to either focus on the hate - never visiting, shunning all it has to offer - or embrace the love - admitting that the beautiful, interesting, exciting, educational experiences are worth the price of admission.
One of those lovely things, that so many true tourists never see, is the Macy's Flower Show. Only the 3rd most famous Macy event The Flower Show still draws huge crowds each year as the already dramatic main floor is turned into a kind of hovering botanical garden.

The tops of most display cases in the jewelry, cosmetics and accessory departments are laden with plants, shrubs, flowers and even trees, all of the most colorful, fragrant variety.
When the show debuts the scent of spring permeating the entire sales floor is as captivating as the visual display.

The throngs of people milling about, craning their necks to see the high-flying displays, are treated to a true taste of spring - bridal wreaths, ranunculus, pansies, rhododenron, lilies, orchids, gerber daisies - and azaleas nestled in a mini Japanese tea garden.
On this, the penultimate day of the 2011 show, some of the blooms are a little sad, the scent is not nearly as powerful but the experience is still one of a kind!

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