Friday, February 19, 2010


Lately the weekend has been all about cooking. I'm not going to say I am on a diet because in reality I am just eating healthy (healthily?). Unfortunately to do that food has become my sole obsession. It's funny because the last time I successfully shed significant pounds I had to remove myself from the world of food. No more restaurants, Gourmet magazine, Food Network or Balducci's. No more entertaining, dinner parties or Super Bowl Sundays. Now to obtain the same end I am taking a completely opposite approach. I spend hours researching healthy recipes, analyzing nutritional content, and planning what I am going to eat. My i-Phone is HOT...not just because it is the sharpest toy ever made but because it is constantly on as I log menus, assign point values and tally every meal's calorie-fat-sodium-carb-cholesterol content. It is taking a lot of effort to lead a normal life while eating low calorie, salt-free (thus homemade) foods. Another attempt to improve the state of my state. We'll see how this one goes!

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