Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Should Have Just Stayed Home

Grrrrr - how can one day be so irritating! I should have realized, when I made my coffee this morning and poured the grounds out of the maker BEFORE I hit the brew switch, that it was a good day to stay home. But I didn't. Instead I traipsed up and down the stairs, back and forth to the car four times before I had everything I needed. Then I got my "usual" at the bagel shop: flat everything with vegetable cream cheese. Only the gal helping me, after spending 30 seconds pre-occupied over not being able to get her glove on, made me plain cream cheese on a regular everything (and I didn't check until I was on my way). And it didn't get any better - later I went on to the supermarket where: I left all my reuseable bags in the car; my coupon for $3.50 off was expired even though I only got it last week and the self-checkout scanner did not pick up half my items. Fun time passing that 25 lb box of logs over and in front of the scanner again and again and again! Like I said - GRRRRR!

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