Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Year Later

Oh my, is it really nearly a YEAR since I posted? Hard to believe. At least I've proven true to my word - not much to say! But really I am trying to muster some energy to power me through the dog days (wait that's summer, isn't it?). I love all the seasons so I cannot be a traitor to Winter and complain how about how wretched (some say) it has been. I've loved every single snowy, gray, icy minute of it! However for other reasons I've been feeling stymied, lethargic, stalled, stuck, lost. Paging through a new mail order catalog the other day I was completely captivated by a few images that screamed "Summer". I absolutely adore the combination of colors, finishes and graphics in the above vignette. So cheery and warm with some depth lent by the weathered frames and rustic table base. So maybe it's just the shocking nature of these bright colors against my own muted palette, or maybe it's the rock-bottom-ness (?) feeling of my current job or maybe it's just about time but in any event I want to make it mean something. So gaze upon this happy image and please remember me - I promise to be back soon! P.S. - the image is courtesy of:

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