Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Few New Things

I recently bought one of those cool slide scanner thingamajigs and I've vowed (privately until now) to make some headway in converting the family archives, dating back to Mom & Dad's pics from the 50's. I've gotten through about 25 (!) but I am enjoying the trip down memory lane. So I added a new spot to the left called "From the Archives" and posted the first photo. The reason I was finally moved to start the project is the request we received from my cousin Allen. We were invited to a party Allen, his brother Ron, and dad Ronnie were throwing for his mom Judy's 70th birthday. Allen asked we send along any pictures of Judy that we'd like to share. I remembered one in particular that I always loved to see when someone would drag out the projector and pull down the screen for a family slide night. So I bought the scanner, dug out the first of the old Kodak carousels and got to work. Here then is Judy and her soon to be husband Ronnie, both around age 18, with Ron's mom, my aunt Millie, in my parent's dinette, circa 1959! (No, you can't see the "99 More Years" plaque but DO take note of the equally infamous pink patterned wallpaper!).

I've also posted a couple of videos from the party. These have not worked out so well - one is truncated because I didn't think to start filming until a few seconds into the performance and both are taken from a distance with my i-Phone - but if you are family they're fun to peek in on. Here's a tip: click on the caption beneath each to be taken to an external website and see the video in a larger format!

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