Friday, February 25, 2011

Bright Spots

Gosh what a dreary day it has been! I can't remember one this relentlessly gray in a long while. But of course there are always bright spots to be found. How about working from Starbucks with an iced caramel macchiato alongside? It sure beats the office kitchen, a cup full of the burnt end of the pot with skim milk and a packet of Equal.

A quick run to the bank in this wet mess of a day. I think I'll stay off the highway. Not so familiar with this road. Reward! How great is this? Can you see that the trim is a dark grass green and the awnings - the AWNINGS! - are chartreuse? I may not paint my house these colors but I'm sure glad someone did!

Back home...more work to do...seems like that calls for a yummy cupcake from Moxie by way of Gardiner's Village Market and Bakery! Which do you crave? Red velvet with a dollop of chocolate ganache in the middle, topped with a rich cream cheese frosting and a dark chocolate heart (Hmmm bad omen? The heart broke on the way home.) Classic vanilla cake with a pretty pink buttercream and pearl dragees. Chocolate cupcake with a tart cherry filling, whipped butter frosting, chocolate shavings and a chocolate covered cherry crown.

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  1. Hello Jos, so glad you stopped by and left a comment......many thanks for saying A Breath of Fresh Air inspires you, this makes me feel good!

    I see you started your blog...........and then took a very long hiatus!! Glad you're back because I for one will so look forward to hearing about life after New York City living. I grew up in an English seaside town, moved to Washington, D.C., then New England, and have been here in the south (NC) for almost 34 years. Quite a mix of life styles, all interesting and fabulous in their own way. Hope you are happy in the countryside.

    I too worked in advertising and graphic design, before the computer arrived! Would love to hear more about your design us your work!

    Lovely weather here, Spring cannot be far away - just back from San Francisco where it was chilly and wet - so heading out for a little walk in the woods.
    We seem to like the same music too!
    Enjoy your weekend.