Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Lovely Places

I have 2 new favorite spots to visit when I've time to spend roaming around "the County". They are each quite different from the other but - don't be a hater - each has its own unique pleasures. Hi Ho Home Market, in Gardiner NY, is a really charming shop in a picture book setting, with a personal touch that cannot be duplicated. The product mix of vintage and new, precious and practical, surely reflects its owners sensibility. I've gotten to know Heidi just a bit by following Hi Ho's Facebook postings and her "all-in" approach is what attracts me to this gem of a shop. Check it out at

Jasmine Imports is a whole other story. Converted by the owner from import-export warehouse to retail shop in 2008, Jasmine stocks all the hot and trendy merch you'll ever need. From scarves and purses to bath salts, baby gifts to glitter balls, hand made jewelry to concrete garden ornaments there is nothing subtle here! But many of the items are so pretty and fun that one can easily be seduced. And (in this one little way) like HiHo, this shop's owner is it's heart and soul. If you are taking the slow way down to the city any day of the week, stop in and take a look (route 17S in Southfields, NY opposite another Orange County treasure The Red Apple Rest).

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