Monday, February 28, 2011

Party Accents

I finally got some pictures of the decorations we made for Mom's party. I took a really great picture of Mom, probably from her early 20's, and created a Warhol-inspired graphic in 4 colorways for the cover of the invitation. I chose one of the portraits that coordinated well with the colors of the various rooms and used that as the centerpiece for all the custom designed accents. I didn't want them to be too juvenile but definitely fun and a bit whimsical. There was a scalloped "plaque" hung from white satin ribbons for the front door and little matching medallions adorning the floral centerpieces.

We hand cut and assembled a charming little garland for each room. In the dining room we hung one from the hutch, in the kitchen it was over a window, with satin ribbons, a few matching balloons and lots of curling ribbon. In the living room the fireplace mantel was adorned but I used tufts of tulle in 3 different colors instead of the balloons since they were down low where too many rug rats could get at them.

More little signs - similar to our cupcake toppers - made a nice accompaniment for the candles on the cake.

Last but not least everyone got to take away a little favor. Part treat and part tribute to the guest of honor, the bags were filled with mini Milky Way bites - Mom's favorite!

** If anyone is interested in custom party decorations we can come up with a design package to fit any need. Just send a comment and I'll contact you.


  1. Fabulous party decor for a sweet looking lady!! Love the colors and shapes you came up with Jos.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Mary, they're greatly appreciated. I did see your earlier comment about showing more of me (my work) and I'm trying...stay tuned. I am also following your travels and was intrigued byt hte castle in the Napa Valley - who knew indeed!