Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun Stuff

I am borrowing this darling image from one of my dear niece's facebook page. I don't know her friend who posted it and I am boringly, frustratingly too old and un-hip to have any business caring. But I do love that little HK critter so much. That's the funny thing about being a right-brain kind of person: you can't rationalize what it is that will strike your fancy. I love Hello Kitty but I pretty much have no patience for all her little friends. I adore the odd piece of peeling, tarnished, splintered vintage doo-dad but a house full o' antiques makes my nostrils quiver (and not in a good way). I covet Dupioni anything but end up buying a lot of Bed Bath and Beyond. I disdain talon claws, spray tans and a smokey eye but I can spend $200 a month at Sephora. So don't judge, take it for what it's worth and just enjoy. Okay I'm going to get my nails done now.

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